Sunday, December 1, 2013

50's vintage Marilyn Monroe makeup

It is not a secret that Marilyn Monroe is a fashion icon, who is well-known for it's unique style. The vintage look remains popular even these days, so it is reasonable to learn how to apply 50's Marilyn Monroe makeup. Actually, it seems that there is nothing to difficult about it, but is only a part of the true. The fact is that you have to know the main steps of the retro makeup and apply it according to your face shape.

A way to win some money

It is pretty difficult to find a person, who has never played any gambling game. The fact is that the majority of us played some of them at least once in life. Actually, there is nothing strange or embarrassing about it. It is one of the most exiting ways of spending your free time, because the emotions are really high. When you make a bet, you are full of hope and desire to win, so while the results are not known yet, you wait for them with a huge will to win. What is more, the feelings you experience when you finally win a fortune cannot be compared with any other.
 Nowadays, there are lots of places, where you can play gambling games. However, there is not too much choice if you want to do it in the comfort of your home. In fact, Online Casinos are the best choice if you want to play gambling games straight from your computer.
 There are many advantages of choosing online casinos. In fact, it is a delightful opportunity to play your favorite games at any time. What is more, the variety of casino games is huge, so you can try those that you have never played before.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

50's vintage curls hairstyle

There are no doubts that 50's hairstyles are unimaginable without curls. In fact, almost every beauty standart of the decade has a curled vintage hairstyle, so pin curls play a key role in a classical style these days. There is no reason to deny the hairdo looks truly stylish and feminine, so it is reasonable try to style it on your hair. As for me, using rollers is the simpliest way to do the 50's retro hairstyle.

The accessory for a stylish look

Nowadays, it would be really difficult to meet a girl or a boy, who does not want to look stylish. There are no doubts that the vast majority of us aim to look as good as possible. This is why the importance of correctly chosen clothes, hairstyle and makeup cannot be underestimated. Actually, every detail is important when you are going for a special occasion or just planning to go out. Furthermore, the way you combine your clothes influences your look in general, so it is really reasonable to pay attention to every detail.
 It is also important not to forget about accessories. There is no reason to doubt that they can make you look even more fashionable and stylish than before. For example, evening outfit is almost unimaginable without earrings and rings. However, if you want to impress your friends or just emphasize the beauty of your eyes, coloured contact lenses are exactly what you need. As a matter of fact, they are a fashionable accessory for any occasion. The variety of colored lenses is truly wide these days and the choice depends on the purpose you need them. For example, patterned lenses are good to shock, 3 tone lenses are suitable for those, who simply wants to change the color.

Friday, February 15, 2013

60's inspired hairstyle chignon bun

In fact, chignon bun has become really fashionable in 2013. It is not surprizing at all, because this 60's inspired haisrtyles suits both for everyday and evening or any other special event. The thing I like the most about it is that even though chignon bun is easy to do, it remain stylish and elegant.

Why to choose stylish underwear?

There are no doubts that every girl wants to look gorgeous at any occasion. It is the reason why it is important to care about the way you look. In other words, choosing your everyday outfits, doing a daily makeup and hairstyle is a compulsory action for every girl, who aims to look good.
However, there is another thing, which is as important as the listed ones. Everyone would definitely agree that underwear plays an essential role in every outfit. Even though is cannot be seen by surrounding people, it is still significant to choose the suitable bras, briefs and other underwear carefully.
As a matter of fact, the underwear has not only to look gorgeous and sexy, but also to be comfortable. These days, the assortment of underwear is extremely huge. Nevertheless, there are not many stores, which offer first quality product for good prices. Actually, triumph underwear is the one, which meets both requirements. The brand is well-known all over the world as one of the best in the industry, because it offers really stylish underwear. What is more, there is a huge choice of different types of briefs, bras and knickers, so everyone can find something suitable.