Friday, February 3, 2012

50's retro dresses

The 50's dresses are easily recognizible by their famous poodle skirts and accented waist line. What is more, the top was v necked or straipless, so the whole outfit was ussualy finished by short jacket or stylish shawl. Here are some pictures of the typical 50's dresses.

50's pin up hairstyle

50's hairstyles are well-known for their pin up style. As a fact, the pin up updos are one of the most popular ones. The video shows a quick and easy way to create a real retro hairstyle.

Stylish wedding dresses

These days, women do not have many occasions to wear a formal dress. There are only several special events, when the type of outfit is required. As a fact, weddings is an unique event, when you can wear the wedding dress that you have always dreamt about. Such opportunity ussually comes once in life, so it is really reasonable to choose the one that you really like. Actually, finding your dream wedding dress is not a problem nowadays, because of a big variety of various types of wedding attire in specialized shops. There you can choose among different models of wedding dresses – from classical a line wedding dresses to the latest fashion dresses. That way you will be able to feel and look truly unique on the weddings day, because the wide range of dresses can help you to create a romantic and stylish look. As for me, Empire Waist Wedding Dresses are one of the best choices for a bride, because the floor lenght make the attire truly holy and romance. It is also important to mention that the dresses are available for people in various finacial situations, because there both expensive and cheap Wedding Dresses in the assortment.